Sunday, October 21, 2007

This weekend was parents weekend, so I got to do the following things:

1. practice speaking Japanese
2. eat Japanese food for free
3. go to Kinokuniya
4. get help with my Japanese homework

These are all good things.

きんようび、とも (Broadway & 110th) でばんごはんをたべました。I had never been there before. すしをたべました, including the "Tomo Roll" which was wrapped not in nori but in paper thin slices of cucumber which was just crazy. It tasted very clean. I also had spicy tuna with avocado (おいしい) and yellowtail scallion (あまりおいしくない). But overall the food was decent - definitely on par with Swish if you are looking for Japanese in the immediate area.

きょ、ははときのくにやへいきました. I like looking at all the Japanese products, like calendars and pencils and that kind of thing. Japanese crap is so much more fun than American crap. Of course, the books there are very nice too, though most of them I can't read. There are some very beautiful picture books though. My mom likes to get those to give to people. I ended up buying one book (, although I have no idea why they were selling it in Kinokuniya since it is not in Japanese, by a Japanese person, nor related to Japan in any way.


さとう said...

はなえさんのおかあさんはどんなひとですか?しゅうまつあたらしいきのくにやがオープンしましたね。あたらしいきのくにや(near Bryant Park)にいきましたか?

Andrew Shu said...

たのしい しゅうまつ ですね。

きのくにやは Bookstore ですね。

The only Japanese bookstore I know is Uhh that one... I forget its name... "Book Yes" or "Run Book" or something like that possibly (I know those are way off)

. . .

Ok I found it, it's "Book Off"

なずきあん said...

「りょうしんの ひ」、いいですね。

日本の ぶんぼうぐ(stationary)は

Y-Maeda said...

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